British history and anti-racist campaigning

British history and anti-racist campaigning: 20 Oct 2015Our first event ‘British history and anti-racist campaigning‘ happened on 20th October 2015 at the Marx Memorial Library and we are grateful to all that came and contributed. The event aimed to investigate the relationship between anti-racist campaigning work and British history and was inspired by hearing campaigners repeatedly say that their work was hampered by a general lack of historical knowledge in respect of Empire and colonialism amongst the white British public.

As such, the three speakers, Kiri Kankhwende, Rita Chadha, and John Siblon each approached the topic from their own point of view and provided us with a rich range of comments and experiences with which to think through. (Unfortunately our fourth speaker, Suresh Grover, was ill and unable to attend.)

A post reflecting on the event will appear in due course, but in the meantime, please give the podcast below a listen.